Arbitration in Slovakia

Welcome to the webpage devoted to the arbitration proceedings in the Slovak Republic. Get to know the law, basic principles and advantages of arbitration as a time and cost effective alternative dispute resolution.

Legal Framework

Arbitration as a private alternative to state court proceedings is in Slovakia governed by the Arbitration Act No. 244/2002 Coll. as amended. 

The Arbitration Act regulates resolution of disputes arisen from national and international commercial and civil relations if the place of arbitration is within the Slovak Republic.

Arbitration Courts

Civil judicial proceedings in Slovakia take on average almost 21 months and commercial almost 22 months

Parties often conclude arbitration agreement to resolve their arbitrable disputes effectively via arbitration.


Dr. Ľudovít Mičinský is recognised as one of Slovakia's most accomplished private-practice lawyers in alternative dispute resolutions, being long-time “promoter” of the commercial arbitration in the Slovak Republic and frequent speaker at local
arbitration conferences.
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